The Photographer

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Many clients, are curious to know a little more about the guy behind the camera, this is why this page has been added to the site. It is dedicated to the photographer.

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Well what is his name? His first name is Charles but we are keeping his surname a secret for the time being.
How old is he?
Well guys we’ve got to keep another secret from you, look at the pictures around this page and have a good guess.
What does he look like?
Again a picture is worth a thousand words so, look at them.

Where does he come from? He comes from Paris, though has been living in England for a long time.
How long has he been photographing?
He had his first camera at the age of 8, when he became the official family photographer and since them has taken photographs on a very wide range of themes; from advertising, landscapes, weddings, private parties, fashion, portraiture, television and different competitions.

Why specialising in the male portraiture? The reason here is very simple, since Charles is himself a model, he needed a portfolio for agencies. In the course of having the pictures taken he noticed that different male photographers were very ill at ease with the subject. This therefore, was the beginning of the specialisation, offering a service dedicated to the photography of the male body.

What type of photograph is he prepared to take? Well, to be frank, he is not worried about the kind of pictures, these can be basic head and shoulder portraits, glamour and erotic photography as long as the client is at ease. He will even advise and help to achieve the best results. The pictures can be single individual as well as group

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Well we think you have now quite a good idea about Charles, but should you want to know more, you better ask him direct.